Wine Glass

Purchasing and Personalizing a Wine Glass


An individual who is either planning a party or gifting a special person with a set of wine glasses oftentimes has hesitations because a piece of wine glass can be very expensive. There is no need to worry about price tags today because there are several places all over the country where one can purchase cheap wine glasses.


Wine GlassWhere to Purchase A Wine Glass


The four recommended places where one can find a reasonably priced wine glass are enumerated below.


Thrift Stores


Most avid collectors of wine glasses check out thrift stores because of variety. Aside from the affordable price of a wine glass, more and more people are heading to these stores because they can combine and purchase different types of wine glasses that can be used during parties and even for sweet wines.


Discount Stores


People who plan to give out wine glasses as birthday or wedding gifts choose to visit discount stores. Even though a wine glass from a particular discount store is cheap, it still remains durable and pleasing to the eyes. Most discount stores offer cheaper prices when a buyer purchase in packs. This basically means that one can save more money by buying in packs as compared to getting per piece.   


Bulk Stores


Anyone who wants to purchase a cheap wine glass for a big event such as a wedding can go to stores that sell items in bulk. More money will definitely be saved because buying in bulk means cheaper tag price for every of glass.


Wine Tasting


Someone who collects wine glasses can absolutely find a unique wine glass to be added to the cabinet during wine tasting. There are wine tasting regions who give out the tasting glass as a souvenir especially if the taster decides to buy a bottle of the tasted wine. One can attend as many wine tastings as he can and different wine glasses with engraved names of the winery will surely be obtained. These wine glasses are undeniably perfect for a lover of wine glasses.


Customizing Your Wine Glass

An individual who purchased a wine glass to offer as a gift can choose to personalize the glass to make the occasion more special to the person receiving the present. A recommended way to customize your wine glass is through painting.   


The step-by-step procedure on how to personalize a wine glass is discussed below.


One must determine the main purpose of the wine glass. Will it be used for decoration or for drinking purposes? If wine glasses will serve as decorative pieces, the best option is air-dry painting. But if the glasses will be utilized for drinking, thermo-hardening painting is recommended.


Next, the wine glass is washed and dried. This is also the best time for an individual who wants to be creative to make a personal pattern that will be painted on the glass. One can also purchase a design from craft stores in case he has no talent when it comes to drawing. It is important to measure the area on the glass where the chosen pattern will be painted.


The best technique when it comes to painting the pattern into the wine glass is to place and tape the pattern inside the glass. One must make sure that there are no fingerprints on the glass. It is now time to paint the design by carefully following the pattern.


A wine glass that has been air-dry painted must be allowed to dry for twenty-four hours. It is essential to spray an adhesive on the painted design to ensure that moisture is prevented from blurring the paint.


A wine glass that has undergone thermo-hardening painting should be allowed to dry for two days before baking it. One is discouraged from spraying adhesive on the painted area. After forty-eight hours, the glass is placed inside a cold oven.    

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