Shelf Wine Rack

This guy knocks over a full rack of wine bottles! Recording from security camera!

Hundreds of bottles are wasted!

25 thoughts on “Shelf Wine Rack

  1. beckerist

    LOL the classic “I’m a big boy with SWAG so I’m going to call you kid”
    routine. Gotta love anonymous douchecanoes on the internet

  2. Deere Dieselman

    if it was me and I did that I would prolly just take my name tag off and
    walk out the door for good cause I wouldn’t even know where to begin to
    clean that mess up.

  3. Irene Younger

    Seems to me like those guys were expecting this (set him up?) Why were they
    taping such a boring thing for so long..? Then you hear laughter and what
    sounds like a high five slap…

  4. kateb172

    They have recorded the recording of it. you can tell by the shaky camera..
    the guys laughing aren’t watching it live..


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