Decanting Wine Necessary

A fantastic wine experience
In less than 2 minutes, Menu’s New Norm Wine Br eather aerates a bottle of wine so that it is ready to serve — in the original bottle.

If you are among those who prefer a more rounded glass of wine, it is necessary to pour the wine into a carafe to aerate it first. Aerating the wine causes its acidity and bitterness to evaporate, allowing the taste and aroma to develop. The problem is that it takes at least 1-2 hours from the time the wine is poured until it is ready to drink. To make matters worse, you have to serve the wine in a carafe unless you feel like dealing with a funnel and spilled drops of wine as you pour it back into the bottle. If you do not have the time and patience for this traditional method of aeration, it may be worth taking a closer look at the New Norm Wine Breather carafe from Menu.

Serve wine in the original bottle
The New Norm Wine Breather turns things on their head and makes it easy to serve aerated, ready to drink wine directly from the original bottle, enabling the bottle to tell its personal story. The secret is found in the unique wine breather invented by wine expert Peter Ørsig. Just place the wine breather in the carafe’s neck and let the show begin!

Turn over, aerate and serve
The actual aeration process is untraditional and worth seeing, so your guests will probably enjoy witnessing the wine breather in action. Place the bottle on the table and attach the carafe to the bottleneck. Then, carefully turn the bottle over and allow the wine to flow into the carafe. The wine breather spreads the wine so that it splashes through the neck of the carafe and flows down its sides, providing the maximum possible surface area. The wine can be served in the stylish carafe, but if you prefer to have the original bottle on the table, just turn the carafe over again and the wine flows back into the bottle!
The aeration takes less than 2 minutes, during which time the wine develops just as much as it would have after many months in the bottle. This provides a better taste experience and, as an added bonus, you are able to enjoy the spectacular aeration process while still being able to serve the aerated wine directly from its original bottle.

The New Norm Wine Breather is designed by Norm, as is the New Norm Water Carafe, which features the same simple, classic and stylish look.

Wine Breather Carafe
Design by
idea and patent by
Peter Ørsig

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