Merlot Wine

Today’s question is from Mary-Beth from East Village (New York City) who asks “What are the differences between Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Merlot?”. Send us your question and we will do our best to answer them:

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  1. Cabernet is without the best of the reds. The movie “Sideways” maligns the
    Merlot, but in reality the Pinot Noir is just as light. The cab is robust
    and full of flavor and pairs great with BBQ, NY steak, filet mingon, and
    even a burger. Mmmm.

  2. “Pinot Noir makes extraordinary wines…in the right hands.” Good God, amen
    to that. I don’t know jack about wines, but I had a Pinot years ago and it
    was mindblowing. So much so that I bought so many different bottles of
    Pinot for years, only to be disappointed every single time. I thought maybe
    I’d just mistaken the taste of the Pinot. It’s great to know they do make
    amazing wines, IF you find the right bottle. Definitely a hit or miss.

  3. Ok, yeah. I learned nothing from this. He made no real comparisons, which
    would have made the whole point of this video. What a waste of time.

  4. I think it’s fair he delivered the warnings first: not easy to generalize
    when there’s huge difference between regions, vintages, producers etc….

  5. Hey, Richard form Europe, I have a qusetion about the decantion. In
    previous clesses you said that we shold decant “old” wines, could you
    please specify what do you mean by “old” wine? is that mean 5 years old,
    old 50? … Thank you for your answers! You are great guys! Thank you

  6. noob question: why are all the wines behind you standing upright, shouldn’t
    they be laying sideways?

  7. @ 3:30 ….vous pouvez dire “Château Pétrus”, tel un amateur (personne ne
    vous en tiendra rigueur). Cependant, un vrai connaisseur et dégustateur
    professionel préférera l’appelation plus simple et exacte “Petrus”, tel
    qu’il est inscrit sur la bouteille.

  8. There are so many things wrong with what you taught, it’s like you got it
    off wiki or something

  9. *ahem* “Meredith”, as you said in the video, and “Mary-Beth” in your video
    description are NOT the same name. Sound close? Yes. Same name? No. So did
    you read the question-asker’s name wrong, or did the description writer
    copy it wrong? Either way…ugh. Sorry, it just hit a nerve.

  10. He could have said Pinot Noir is a fragile grape and described the flavor
    and the handling process and done it in 5 minutes. Myself I like Riunite
    Lambrusco. I would like if it had a tad more berry flavor, but I like the
    wine and I just feel most of this wine talk is a bunch if crap. I mean if
    you drank a wine and it had the right amount of sweetness and the right
    amount of berry flavor would you care if it was $8 a bottle? Is caviar
    worth $200 an ounce? When cheap eggs are better?

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