Shiraz Wine

Shiraz is a popular type of red wine. Get tips on what aromas to look for in tasting shiraz wine with this free wine tasting video.

Expert: Jane Nickles
Bio: Jane Nickles is the author of “Wine Speak 101”, and wine writer for “The Texas Wine and Food Gourmet”, and “Eat and Drink Magazine”.
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  1. The name Shiraz is taken from the city of Shiraz, Iran, where it is said
    that the process of wine making originated 7,000 years ago. According to
    some historic accounts, Guy De’Sterimberg brought Shiraz to southern France
    after visiting Iran during the crusades. Eventually, he became a hermit and
    created a vineyard on a hill near his home in the Rhone River Valley. This
    wine became known as the Hermitage.

  2. Grampians Estate Cellar Door is located right next to the Melbourne –
    Adelaide Highway and offers the perfect stopover for those wishing to
    experience the Grampians Region world renown Shiraz. Awards include Best
    Shiraz at the 2005 National Wine Show and Best Shiraz at the 2002 Victorian
    Wine Show

  3. Let this be an example of good facts as well. Great presentation.
    Blessings, K.

  4. @AshLuvsJonnyStew I live in NZ and syrah is becoming one of my favourite
    wines. I prefer the NZ style, it’s not as much of a ‘fruit bomb’ as the
    Australian ones (some of which I must admit are very nice too). It’s more
    peppery and spicy, I often get aromas of vanilla and gunpowder.

  5. Shiraz is city in Iran. wine making is an old and traditional business
    there. recently they have found a wine making workshop belongs to over 3000
    years ago in Shiraz. After Islamic revelation in 1979, government banned
    alcohol so did the wine making business too. today, if you travel to Iran,
    Shiraz, you’ll see vineyards outside the city as far as your eyes can
    see… unfortunately now a days, they just export their grapes as fruit and
    other related products. this name, Shiraz, comes from there

  6. Shiraz is indeed a city in Iran but the grape called Syrah or Shiraz has
    been shown to be purely French by DNA analysis.

  7. You should. That’s like saying you’ve never had a cup of coffee…it’s an
    experience that just has to happen.

  8. Shirazi wine refers to the now-defunct wine historically produced around
    the city of Shiraz in Persia. Shiraz wine or the city of Shiraz has NO
    connection with the modern-day red grape variety “Shiraz”, a synonym used
    in Australia and some other countries for the grape variety Syrah, which
    originates from northern Rhône valley in France.

  9. Not really, as Shirazi wines were all white… The name comes from the fact
    that it was once thought the syrah grape came from Shiraz in Persia to the
    area of Rhone in ancient times, yet all current evidence suggests it’s just
    a myth….

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