Zinfandel Wine

Gary Vaynerchuk grabs 3 serious Zinfandels and sees what he can come up with. The Russian River and Pagani Ranch are on display.

9 thoughts on “Zinfandel Wine”

  1. Berringer white Zinfandel. ya, the cheap stuff. havent drank a lot of it
    though. i drink it straight out of the bottle sometimes. maybe with a paper
    bag wrapped around it. makes the mouth happy though 😀

  2. Will someone explain something to me and excuse my ignorance. I come from a
    very Italian family and I have been drinking wine since I was a kid and to
    this day I can not see why there is a red for 20 dollars and a red for 500
    dollars and I will be damned if I can taste a $480.00 difference. Is it
    just me?

  3. I am glad that Gary is bringing wine to the masses just as Povarotti
    brought opera and taking all this snobbery out of it.

  4. As much as Gary disliked the St. Francis Pagani Ranch, my all-time favorite
    Zin is the 1997 St. Francis Old Vines. A giant fruit bomb to be sure and
    not to everyone’s liking, but I’ve never experienced anything like it. I
    roamed all over North Texas hunting down the last cases of the stuff. It
    was a sad day when the final empty bottle was put in the recycle bin.

  5. -Hahaaaaaaaa, -Gary doesn’t hold back, but separate wine-glasses might add
    credibility –Nevertheless, great commentary! While watching, i un-corked a
    bottle of circa-2006 LakeSonoma-Winery’s ‘Old Vine Zinfandel’ by Sani Farms
    of DryCreek-Valley Calif. (15.0%-alc.), which Grommet-chef Ron’McElroy left
    me… What a delightful sipping-experience! To modulate tasting, i opened a
    can of ‘solid-white Albacore-tuna’ (squeezed-away water), and viola, the
    most enjoyable Zin i’ve ever savored! ~Robair

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