Sweet Wine

Sweet Wine by Cream

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  1. oh yeah – appreciating this albums songs this is THA ALBUM! tkx for posting

  2. What I love about Baker, Bruce and Clapton, is they are playing three
    different songs but playing the “right” one. They were the only ones to do
    this. Fantastic. Thanks.

  3. Check out the version by Ginger Baker’s Air Force… It will Blow Your
    Socks Off!!!

  4. When this album came out I thought the guitar solo was like nothing I had
    ever heard before. It’s just stunning – and frightening in its ferocity. In
    those days we weren’t used to guitars sounding like they were about to chop
    our heads off! Clapton invented that tone and changed rock.

  5. He didnt invent it. Listen to Who Do You Love by Bo Diddley, or the solo
    from Maybelline by Chuck Berry.

  6. erm, i think you are missing the point. There is NOTHING like this playing
    on ‘Who do you love?’ which is a milestone in its own right. And Chuck
    berry is perhaps (alongside Noel Coward) the finest songwriter of the 20th
    Century, but again its different.

  7. Sonically different – solos recorded much louder. The guitar tone. The
    implications of the chosen melodies. The structure of the track(s). The
    modulation of the song. The vocal styles, the use of crescendo – the use of
    feedback – it is ten years or more modern-sounding than Chuck or Bo. Even
    These are not mere nuanced differences but major differences in approach-as
    might be the case with with Mississippi Fred McDowell and Elmore James,But
    perhaps more than this, they are progressive musicians

  8. I never said they sounded exactly the same. So why you telling me that
    they’re different songs on one big paragraph?

  9. thats really a waste of your time. when i say you failed to tell me how its
    different, i didnt say you failed to tell me how how they’re not the same

  10. I strongly recommend you attend a showing of ‘Beware of Mister Baker!’ Saw
    it this evening and it was alarming and funny and showed how a
    single-minded sociopath genius has carved his way through several decades
    and continents.

  11. I felt the same way. Fresh Cream is one of the top ten albums ever made,
    the only Cream album I like. Clapton hasn’t done anything like this since,
    though Blind Faith was pretty good. When I see him on TV Claptonfests he’s
    just tiresome, phoning in blues riffs that he learned when he was twelve.
    Derek Trucks outshines him every time, playing from deep inside.

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