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Different types of wine

Wine is a popular alcoholic beverage often served on special occasions such as cocktail parties and birthday celebrations. Some people also consume wine as an everyday drink. There are many types of wine available in the market. Prices vary on the type, age, and brand of the wine being chosen.

types of wineWines vary depending on the production and variety of grapes used. Red wine is made from red grapes (sometimes black grapes are used) that were fermented along with their skins; this is where the wine’s red color came from. The flavor of red wine is typically more robust. This wine is best paired with food that is just as robust such as beef, pasta, and other types of meat. This type of wine is consumes usually at below room temperature. Among other types of wine, the red wine is one of the most popular.

Most popular types of wine

Another one of the most popular types of wine is white wine. Unlike red wine, which is made from red or black grapes, white wine is made from either the red grapes or the green ones, and fermented without including the skins. White wines are usually paired together with light meals such as poultry and fish, and they are usually best served cold or chilled. Chardonnay is a white wine that is one of the most popular types of wine known all over the world.

Besides the red and white wines, there are other types of wine are available in the market. Rose wine is a pink colored wine that is sweet tasting and often the favorite of most first time wine drinkers. The pink color is prominent because the grape’s skin was included only during the first few hours of fermentation. Another reason for having pink color is the wine’s mixture of both black and white grapes. Most rose wines have medium sweet tastes, but those that came from certain parts of Europe they are usually very dry.

Types of wine for every occasion

Champagne is a popular sparkling wine. Many sparkling wines are referred to as Champagne, it is actually type of wine that took its name from a region in France where it is extensively made. There are many other sparkling types of wine that are known in other places. The reason for the “sparkles” of the wine is from carbon dioxide which is produced during the fermentation process.

These are just some of the many types of wine available. There are many more out there left for you to discover.

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Expert: Jane Nickles
Bio: Jane Nickles is the author of “Wine Speak 101”, and wine writer for “The Texas Wine and Food Gourmet”, and “Eat and Drink Magazine”.
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  1. I had some wine at a french restaurant about 20 years a go and I have been
    tried several times to immolate that and no success yet, At first I thought
    it was the duck I had ordered but it wasn’t anyway, it has crossed my mind
    that maybe I should just back to that same place and see if they have the
    same wine. Which wine could I purchase that would give me a better chance
    of recreating this beautiful taste?

  2. Also Beaujolais is also considered to be from Burgundy but it is made from
    the grape Gamay.

  3. This is just ridiculous. She said all red wines in Bourgogne are made out
    of Pinot Noir. That is absolutely false since the entire Beaujolais, wich
    is in Bourgogne uses Gamay. And what about Passe-tout-grain that blends the
    two grapes? That’s just basic wine knowledge… Doesn’t start the video

  4. @christianz2010 Sounds so stupid, right? But there is a difference. I used
    to be in your situation years ago. I don’t blame you.

  5. Oregon is ‘Burgundy West’?! No way, Central Otago. IMO the best New World
    producer of Pinot. New Zealanders make gorgeous PN and should be crowned
    Burgundy of the New World 😀

  6. @BH7JEZ Me too, but then again, the one I tried was very new, had almost
    all the tell-tale sign that it had gone through carbonic maceration. The
    one I tried today in tutorial is older and drier.

  7. Also, the little-known wine-making region of Dealurile Munteniei in Romania
    makes some excellent Pinot Noirs that are around the $10-$12 range, but are
    comparable to French wines of five times the price. Mainly this is because
    the region has a very similar climate to Bourgogne.

  8. i’ve read from a book that it is healthy to drink wine everyday. It is good
    for our heart since it regulates our blood circulation.

  9. Experience the earthy aroma, the flavors of red cherry and raspberry, along
    with floral notes of Pinot Noir through a glass of our 2009 Matthew Fritz.

    If you’re on a romantic date, this is a good wine for seduction. Wine
    expert Jane Nickles even says so. Watch her video as she shares some
    interesting facts about Pinot Noir.

  10. i have in my hand a delicious pinot noir that cost me about 4$. really
    good. i always wonder…if i pour my wine into this 25$ pinot bottle –
    would she tell the difference? 🙂

  11. Absolutely. It has lots of health benefits including feeling really great
    and becoming more attractive to others. I drink nothing but wine all day
    everyday and my doctor always gives me a full bill of health.

  12. A pino that I bought from store gave me a light brown colour instead of
    bright red, may I know why

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