Red Wine Types

Want to learn about red wine tasting and aroma? Get tips on zinfandel red wine in this free wine tasting video.

Expert: Jane Nickles
Bio: Jane Nickles is the author of “Wine Speak 101”, and wine writer for “The Texas Wine and Food Gourmet”, and “Eat and Drink Magazine”.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

25 thoughts on “Red Wine Types”

  1. She needs to use the words: Body & Structured Thats how I talk about wine
    also talk about the soul of the wine wines have a soul you know.

  2. hey! give some love to the American craft breweries! yes the most popular
    beers like bud,miller,coors are simply bad tasting water, but their are so
    many delicious, creative, and exciting beers being made every day by micros!

  3. I love it. I usually drink it before I go to sleep. Oooh, it makes me feel
    light and fly. haha

  4. Grampians Estate Cellar Door is located right next to the Melbourne –
    Adelaide Highway and offers the perfect stopover for those wishing to
    experience the Grampians Region world renown Shiraz. Awards include Best
    Shiraz at the 2005 National Wine Show and Best Shiraz at the 2002 Victorian
    Wine Show

  5. Maybe she should remind that Zinfandel grape is not californian, but from
    Puglia in Italy. The real name is Primitivo…

  6. they’re all harmful and doesn’t have any benefits to the health. stick to
    your milk, juice and water

  7. في مقوله تقول ان اهل فرنسا يموتون بعد اعمار طويله وذلك طبعا بعد اذن الله
    وامره والدليل في ذلك انهم يشربون النبيذ الاحمر بصفه يوميه

  8. Would make a nice intro to zinfandel, minus the snooty crack comparing
    white zin to “soda pop”…. very classy. And ironic coming from someone
    whose first thought for a good food paring is “barbecue”(yee-hah)! Which it
    looks like she enjoys, alot….”big and bold” indeed…

  9. @matonmongo oh I guess u are too good for bbq? wtf!? yeah the wine u drink
    probly goes best with a brown bag!! and the dollar menu!

  10. Zins are my favorite red wines. White Zin tastes like soda mixed with
    kerosene though, and they’re always a little effervescent. I’m not a wine
    expert but I know good from bad. In reds I like Zin 1st, Chianti 2nd, and
    Merlot 3rd. Even the economy priced Zins are great; Tuscan Chianti is never
    cheap where I live; cheap Merlot is not suitable for drinking, it will give
    you a headache, I use it for cooking; the good Merlots are definately

  11. who is she to say anything about someone liking the white Zinfandel. “Enjoy
    your soda pop after that”. Yep leave it to export village. I could say that
    she has enjoyed her BBQ too much, but that would not be nice.

  12. Nice video! We’ll also be running a zinfandel on UNWINED.TV – the open wine
    show! I should stress, it’ll be red zinfandel!

  13. Good work! Have you ever tasted “Canaiolo Nero” 100% from Organic Tuscany?

  14. by just looking at the wine’s color, i can tell that it really tastes
    good… =)

  15. This week is the wine festival known as ZAP in San Francisco or #ZinFest on
    social media sites. Here’s a Zinfandel vid to get all you wine lovers in
    the mood.

  16. not from Italy originally, bcus it had been introduced there from Dalmatia
    in Croatia. The real name is Crljenak. Zinfandel sounds german, right? and
    guess what, Croatia used to be a part of Habsburg and Austrian empire 🙂

  17. why? you should buy a sutter home zinfandel 4.99 and that is the regular
    price! That bottle to yourself is like two bottle of 40oz.

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