Wine Types

Serving wine needs to be done at the right temperature, like serving white wines with more of chill and red wines at more of a room temperature setting to keep the acidity at bay. Avoid changing the characteristics of wine like making a red feel tonic or white wine tasting flabby with advice from a wine connoisseur in this free video on wines.

Expert: Gabriel Chisese
Bio: Gabriel Chisese and his brother Victor Chisese run Estate Wines in an upmarket area of North London.
Filmmaker: Kathy Stannard

13 thoughts on “Wine Types”

  1. thanks so much for posting!! i’m a cocktail waitress and i’ve learned so
    much by watching your vids.

  2. wow thanks.. im a waiter at manchester united staduim and i need to be 5
    star lol!

  3. thank you for ur kind explaining….i am a student in the hospitality and
    just started to work as a waiteress. ur video is so amazing. thanks agian.

  4. At last! Someone who is relaxed and sensible without being dull and
    monotone or loud and excitable! Thanks.

  5. I just saw a documentary about cannibal Alfred Packer. What is the proper
    wine to serve with human flesh? Just because you are a cannibal doesn’t
    mean you have to be completely uncivilized.

  6. Very good quality video, nice presentation, very knoledgable. Keep up the
    good work sir.

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