Chablis Wine

Through the discourse of Michel Laroche, we should be able to distinguish a Chablis Chardonnay from a Côte de Beaune Chardonnay located just 200 km further south. In this tasting course we learn the important aromatic families to help us identify the characteristics of Chablis and Chablis Grand Cru: to understand minerality you must really smell… And taste the rocks formed from fossil shells that have been deposited in the soils for almost 150 million years

Topics covered in this episode:

– The difference between a Chardonnay from Chablis vs. from Côte de Beaune.
– Wine tasting courses
– Set of aromatic families.
– What is the minerality of a wine.

2 thoughts on “Chablis Wine”

  1. The full episode is 13:08 I guess. It’s a great pity, that this one is not
    finished till the end. Full series with english subtitles would be MUCH

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