Pinot Grigio Wine It can be tough to find a real winner in the and under category. Although non-vintage, this Barefoot Pinot Grigio is an excellent wine and a great value. We’re not sure how they won the “1,000 awards since 2005” claimed on the label in – but they can add one more. This is a Two Thumbs Up wine for sure.

5 thoughts on “Pinot Grigio Wine”

  1. So how many sips did you both take before starting the video!? lol thanks
    for posting, I just purchased a bottle this evening.

  2. It’s not the sips as much as the number if videos – it’s a lot to get
    through. Since the Barefoot is a non-vintage (NV) wine, it can change any
    time and there is no way to tell. So, let us know!

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