Learn About Wine

Learn HOW TO WINE from the creators of Dancehall Funk, Lorenzo & Dionne! This TUTORIAL will teach you how to wine for both girls and guys step-by-step. Subscribe for more dancehall tutorial videos like how to do the ‘Nah Linga’, ‘Jiggy’, and more!

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Filmed & Edited by: Matt Steffanina
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23 thoughts on “Learn About Wine”

  1. it is a fact that dark people have a more natural tilted hip section, thats
    why they are better at winening

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  3. Why are they just saying that carribean ppl can do it, im not bein racist
    but us Canadian girls got it on too ya know **NOT BEIN RACIST JUST STATING
    MY POINT**

  4. What’s the name of the move she was doing at :27 seconds? Like the slight
    ticking part?

  5. thank god im from GAF land it comes naturally. if it comes naturally, that
    means YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO DO IT. so if you know how to do it why TF r u
    watching the video.. sum yall just came to brag about how good you can do
    it like anyone’s going to GAF. To me i honestly dont GAF where your from or
    rather it comes naturally or not #js

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