Wine Tasting Clubs

Oz Clarke tells you everything you need to know about tasting wine including reading the label, accessing the wine, tasting and making notes.

24 thoughts on “Wine Tasting Clubs”

  1. Oz, you are the man. I’ve always been a lover of wines, but ever since I
    have been watching you on TV with James May, I have seen wine in a new
    light. I would love to see you and James do a series in Australia! Thankyou
    so much for sharing with us your enthusiasm for wine in such a wonderful
    way, and especially for passing on your knowledge, experiences,
    appreciation and advice when it comes to selecting the perfect bottle.
    Cheers and all the very best to you.

  2. Oz, keep making these video’s! Your programme with James May made me really
    appreciate wine and now I’m buying Zinfandels from California and asking
    for unoaked Chardonnay’s at my local wine-store! 🙂 I love the way you
    talk about wine!

  3. “oh, I swallow” 😀 sry ….i loved the show oz & james a lot =) and i still
    watch it sometimes 🙂 really interesting stuff although i am not drinking

  4. Oz, you’re top shelf. Love your style. Come Down Under, we’d love to see
    you and hear what you have to say about our wines.

  5. i loved the video… i dont spit i chug. 🙂 why would you spit. i seen
    people that hadnt had a single drink and spit the wine on a tour i went on.
    just drink juice already and drink wine when you can enjoy it. Very
    annoying. i can understand it if you are a pro wine drinking and drinking
    30 different wines… Spitting out every single wine is snobbish. Im new
    and trying to learn about wine but i just didnt get why people would do

  6. its also because when you drink excessively your taste buds get dull and
    every wine tastes the same..if you want to learn about flavors you
    spit..its not about getting drunk, its not snobbish at all

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