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Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying  Wine Racks

wine racksAfter you have started to collect wine, you need to find a good place to store your wine bottles.  Given the fact that there are so many different styles and sizes available, choosing the best wine rack can be challenging.  Below there are some suggestions and tips for how to buy the best wine racks for your needs.

What type of wine racks are there


First consider how big your wine collection is.  If you normally only store a few bottles at any one time, your needs will probably be met with a table top wine racks.  For small wine collections, having several racks that store 3-8 bottles of wine is suitable.  If you have a big collection, there are many different kinds of wine racks.  Some even store thousands of bottles of wine.


There are many different styles of wine racks, and they are also made out of various materials.  Some of the options include metal, glass, alloy or wood for the material.  Many people try to choose a material that will compliment the room that the wine racks will be in.

The most popular wine is storred in wooden wine racks, ranging from mahogany to bamboo to pine.  Usually quality wine racks are made from hardwoods such as redwood or mahogany.  These will hold up for many years.  They are also strong enough for bearing heavy and large bottles of wine.  Less expensive wine racks tend to be made of a soft wood such as pine.  There are wine racks made from cedar.  However, many experts advise against using this kind of aromatic wood because the odor could potentially contaminate the wine.


Do you want to mount your wine rack on the wall or would you prefer a table top rack?  Would you like your wine racks to be placed in the corner of a room discreetly, or you would you rather have it be a classy addition and focal point for your home?  There are many different wine racks to choose from.  Functionality and form should be considered also.

Think about your decor’s texture and theme.  Is your home decor country, modern, minimalist or antique?  There are several different compositions available for wine racks.  Would a rustic wooden rack fit best in your house or a glossy brushed metal rack?  You decide.  Choose your wine rack based on how well is compliments your sense of style and home decor.


How often will you be drinking wine that is stored in your wine racks?  If the bottles will be rotated frequently, it might be okay for your rack to expose bottles to some heat and light.  If you keep wine for several years, it is preferable to have a wine rack that covers nearly the whole bottle.  These kind of wine racks help to prevent exposure to light and heat, so the wine’s quality is preserved much longer.

Your should coose your wine racks carefully

With so many different styles of wine racks available, you have many different options to choose from.  Have some fun choosing your wine racks, like you do when you are selecting your wines.  Enjoyment is what wine is all about.  A wine rack definitely can add elegant decor and fun to your home.

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