Build A Wine Rack

We show you how to make a wine rack from recycled bits of wood and some dowel in this DIY project.

5 thoughts on “Build A Wine Rack”

  1. Hey guys any way to get the english dimensions for this project. Having a
    tought ime converting. I heard 790 MM seeming to be the length of the
    uprights? then spacing on the holes in the uprights that hold the dowels
    are 120mm spacing between each. i hear a 19mm dowel but how long are the
    dowels themselves? any info would be great. the toughest part will be to
    find a beautiful door like the one you are using for the side panels.

  2. Just made my own love it, they are 3/4 inch size dowels which are 19mm and
    20mm hole thing which i only found 20,6 which is13/16 in size dimensions
    depend on what size you need I made mine where the opening was 4 1/4 inch
    between 1×2 boards, good luck

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