Glass Wine Rack

I’m building a wine rack for bottles and glasses.
This plan is available on my site

Alain Vaillancourt 2012

9 thoughts on “Glass Wine Rack”

  1. I admire your videos for brevity and good editing. I also admire you
    straight-forward methods. Always interesting!

  2. I really enjoy your vids i like the table you have your drum sander and
    planer i was wondering if you could show how u made it. Thank you

  3. you used to use mineral spirits after you sanded your workpieces. why did
    you switch to alcohol? also what kind of alcohol do you use?

  4. Most of the time I use alcohol. I find it less messy and less oily. Some
    times I use mineral spirits when I’m varnishing with oil base varnish. The
    alcohol is labeled shellac thinner. It’s 20 years old. So when I’ll use all
    of what I have at home I’ll buy wood alchool (Methanol, also known as
    methyl alcohol)

  5. I agree with binnsh, more wine bottles… Also, you did not cut the back of
    the wine rack to cradle the bottom of the bottles.

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