Wine Rack Cabinets

13 thoughts on “Wine Rack Cabinets”

  1. ummm, could have been a bit more in depth, and a lot less creepy..seemed
    more like mr. rodgers than wood working, but all in all i learned something
    from it and thats always a plus, thanks, oh try making the lighting a
    little softer, it will help loose the creepiness. oh i mean no disrespect
    but if Ben stiller and mr rodgers had a kid, its you chad.

  2. Wish you would hire someone familiar with woodworking terminology so you
    can spell words right when closed captioning is turned on. It is all Greek
    to me and same applies to ALL woodworking videos and of no use to the
    hearing impaired. All close captioning shall be spell-checked for
    woodworking videos before released! For example in this video, close
    captioned says “rabbit” when it should have been “rabbet” among other
    numerous misspelled words!

  3. Why on earth are you using tape on a glue edge. As soon as the board is in
    place wipe away any glue with a damp cloth.

  4. “wow! that looks scripted!” so disappointed how this video turned out. glad
    that “Paul” is making some money doing these videos, but WTF these videos
    are just a thinly veiled ploy to show that Elmer’s makes other kinds of
    glue besides the kind they use in kindergarten P.S. what amateur woodworker
    has a pocket screw jig, seriously?

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