Wine Rack Holder

I make a wine bottle/glass rack from a pallet.

25 thoughts on “Wine Rack Holder”

  1. I can’t remember the name of the song, but the band is Off Kilter.

  2. WotnowGaby- I used a basic anchor that slide through the sheetrock. You can
    easily use screws, but the studs didn’t line up where I wanted them to have
    the rack centered on the wall.

  3. You could use a rock if you prefer. Hammers can be bought almost anywhere
    or borrow one from a neighbor.

  4. The band is Off Kilter. I don’t know how popular they are. I saw them down
    in Disney World.

  5. Thank you for subscribing! Tomorrow I’ll be putting out another pallet
    project video….stay tuned!

  6. steve ramsey brought me here… and after seeing the simple but clever
    video, i subscribed… good work, man…

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