Wine Rack Plan

Marc Bartolomeo shows how to build a custom wine rack. This video is part of Kitchen Impossible show hosted by Marc Bartolomeo . SHOW DESCRIPTION :When it comes to kitchens, homeowners often end up overwhelmed, out of money and frustrated with the renovation process. On Kitchen Impossible, contractor Marc Bartolomeo helps discouraged homeowners transform their terrible kitchens into sparkling new spaces.

5 thoughts on “Wine Rack Plan”

  1. @epitomeoftight well they didn’t and i personally would not do that. that
    would just be an accident waiting to happen when you try to get the bottle
    out that’s on the bottom. haha

  2. @epitomeoftight i seen what you’re talkin about. just doesn’t make much
    sense to me. it’s really easy to make a rack that the wine bottles aren’t
    touching. just headin down to the basement now to finish up the one i’m
    makin for my sister.

  3. I make and bottle my own wine, this size should hold at least 60 750 ml
    bottles, probably 80 max. If you mix different types in a bin, use tied on
    tags to identify so you do not have to pull out every bottle until you find
    the one you want.

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