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Gifting and Caring for Wine Stoppers


Wine enthusiasts will definitely appreciate it when a close friend decides to gift them with wine stoppers. The giver can buy a bottle of wine that the receiver will love and then pair it with a wine stopper that represents the latter’s personality.


A Wine Stopper as a Gift


Gifting wine stoppers should be based on the individuality of the wine aficionado. This way, the gift as well as the giver will be appreciated.


For the Sporty


Sports-themed wine stoppers are obviously the best gift for someone who loves sports. These stoppers can range from basketballs, baseballs, footballs and helmets. Stoppers with team logos and colors are also available in the market today.


wine stoppersA buyer should choose wine stoppers that bear the person’s favorite team or favorite sport. According to experts, the best place to purchase these stoppers is via the internet. There are also online sellers who can make a wine stopper more personal. 


For the Romantic


Wine stoppers with romantic themes are also easy to find nowadays. These stoppers are obviously available in heart shapes. The person who receives a romantic wine stopper will surely adore it because most of the creators allow buyers to engrave personal details and messages.


Wine stoppers are perfect and unique gifts for Valentine’s Day and of course, anniversaries. A buyer can ask the seller to engrave the anniversary date on the stopper to make it more exceptional. These stoppers can be acquired from wine clubs and online sellers. 


Caring for  Wine Stoppers


Most manufacturers of wine stoppers discourage their customers from re-using them. This is primarily because once removed, a wine stopper no longer creates an air-tight seal.


People who received customized wine stoppers from special people would surely want to keep these items. Therefore, it is essential for a receiver to learn how to properly care for a wine stopper. The proper ways to make a wine stopper last for a longer time period depend on the material used to create the item.  


Rubber Wine Stopper


Rubber wine stoppers are available in different shapes and sizes. The price tag of a rubber wine stopper can range from affordable to costly. People who receive rubber stoppers are advised to directly wash the stopper by hand. It can also be washed in the dishwasher although doing so can have an effect on the rubber material in the long run. One should immediately dry a rubber wine stopper to prevent excess water from staying in the folds. The presence of water in the stopper can also make it smell which can affect the taste of the wine. 


Cork Wine Stopper


Cork wine stoppers are popular because several wine enthusiasts prefer using this particular type of stopper. Since a cork wine stopper absorbs wine every time a wine bottle is horizontally stored either in a wine cellar or a wine rack, an individual is advised to wash it every time a stopper is used. One should soak the stopper in a solution made from mixing liquid soap and warm water. It should be soaked for no more than ten minutes then let it dry. The cork stopper should be completely dried before placing it in another wine bottle. This is to ensure that the flavor of the wine is not spoiled.


Metal Wine Stoppers


Metal wine stoppers are considered sleek by many people. These stoppers are usually made from stainless steel. But there are some manufacturers who make use of aluminum instead. The best way to properly clean a metal wine stopper is to wash it by hand using a sponge with liquid soap. One is discouraged from using the dishwasher because the stopper can suffer from water damage. It is crucial to dry the wine stoppers because excess water can be destructive for any type of metal. 

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  1. If you think you will not be able to drink all the wine in the bottle
    called a friend to help. If you are alone make your heart stone and drink
    the whole wine in the bottle with a little cheese and some toasted bread,
    don’t leave it for another time and cheers.

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