Wine Coolers

this is the easy way to make wine coolers from scratch including how to figure out the math… how many frozen juice to buy and how many bottles will I need

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  1. I have a video on how to make hard lemonade that worked for me, however the
    acidity from the lemonade made for a very slow, and slightly watered down
    hard lemonade. If you like sour / tart you’d probably like the other video.
    However hard lemonade with this recipe is awesome!! I would suggest adding
    yeast nutrient to help speed things along…. as this took almost 3 months
    to ferment out, well worth the wait in my opinion =]

  2. Hmmmm i’m not sure what you could / have available to you….. you could
    try powered drink mix…. not sure how it will taste but thats the fun in

  3. 8Lbs of regular sugar and lalvin EC118 champagne yeast is what I used. Be
    sure to add yeast nutrient so your fermentation doesn’t stall

  4. Hey man great vid. Got a question. Can u give me the math for a TOTAL final
    bottle count of 48 please? How much initial water and how many cans of
    concentrate juice. Please I SUCK AT MATH AND WILL NEVER FIGURE IT OUT.
    Thanks (oh btw the normal 345 ML bottles)…17!!

  5. sure. I just need to know how many ML the juice for concentrate is and how
    many equal parts of water… the directions should be on the side of the

  6. Hey Steve, just wanted to quickly post my planned method can you please
    check this and tell me if anything is wrong. Put about 3 litres of boiling
    water into 5 gallon FV, dissolve 3kg-4kg of sugar Top up to 24litres, add
    turbo yeast (using this instead of wine yeast) also plan to add a teaspoon
    or two of nutrient. Leave for 4 days (full fermented), add two and a half
    tea spoons of stabiliser, and 5 crushed campden tablets. after a day, add
    wine finings. Bottle Sound good?

  7. I usually get the frozen juice when its on sale…. usually 2 for $1. They
    sell them in the grocery stores here but I understand frozen concentrate
    juice inst available in the UK

  8. for a 1 gallon batch that would work out to 800 grams of sugar… so 1 kg
    (2lbs) should work nicely

  9. What should this smell like????? It’s been in the carboy for 2weeks and
    it’s slowed down fermenting I pulled the airlock and took a smell and it
    smelled weird I know there is probably not much sugar left cause there is
    no sweetness smell, checking gravity tomorrow

  10. Need advise ASAP please. So I added the potasium sorbate stright into the 1
    gallon fermenting jug, I did not transfer or rack. Was this correct? For
    how long do I let the P. Sorbate do its magic? How do I know when I’m ready
    to bottle? Thank you Steve!

  11. My sugar wine had a hard time starting fermentation. So added energizer and
    nutrient and couple handfuls of raisins to get it going. It’s fermenting,
    just not as fast as fruit juice would. Mine start out at 1.080 SG and now
    is done to about 1.040. So I figure by the weakend I will rack it off the
    lees and sorbate it up.

  12. I had an OG of 1.07ish at start and it’s stalled at 1.06…. any ideas? I’m
    transferring it out of my carboy now to free that up. I checked at week 1
    and now week 2 of fermentation no change. May just have to let the wife
    drink 1.48% coolers…..

  13. Hey Steve, thanks for your videos, they’re very helpful. I just have a
    couple questions if you have time to answer. I used 11lbs/5kg of sugar and
    21 L of water with a turbo yeast and the airlock had activity within an
    hour. Is it done when there’s no more activity? When I add the juice
    concentrate, do I just substitute the sugar wash for the water it calls
    for? For bottling, can I carbonate with a little sugar in each bottle?
    That’s it for now, thanks again. Bill

  14. when there’s no more activity in the air lock its quite possible its done,
    but you should check with a hydrometer. With turbo yeast it should finish
    under 1.000. Yes, add the wash as per the water amounts in the instructions
    on the label. if you add potasium sorbate they wont carbonate, however just
    adding teh juice, it will have more sugar than you need to carbonate,
    you’ll probably end up with bottle bombs and no sweetness.

  15. If it stalled using wine yeast, you’ll need to add more yeast nutrient and
    another packet of yeast. You may consider making a yeast starter, or simply
    add half a package of turbo yeast.

  16. Steve, do you bottle flat. I missed what you added but it killed off the
    yeast and there is nothing to carbonate in the bottle? Or is there enough
    to get just some? Thanks for the videos.

  17. Great video Steven, I have made several different types of these drinks and
    they are really tasty. I use a lot of your techniques in my own brewing.

  18. cool video, I am trying this one out now. I noticed you said 2kg of sugar
    is equal to 1 pound that’s wrong 2kg is equal to 4.40925 pounds actually´╗┐

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